Techdoer Times is a multi-author blog focused on boosting the effectiveness of programmers, managers and other knowledge workers across the people, process and technology domains.  We do this by sharing the knowledge and opinion of practitioners, gained through the daily practice of software development, project management and marketing.

So what exactly do we mean by effectiveness?  The man who arguably invented management, Peter Drucker, puts it this way:

Organizing work according to its own logic is only the first step for a manager.  The second and far more difficult one is making work suitable for human beings – and their logic is radically different from the logic of work.  Making the worker achieving implies consideration of the human being as an organism having peculiar physiological and psychological properties, abilities, and limitations, and a distinct mode of action.

Techdoer Times is run by Sergio Bogazzi (linkedin).  You can contact me by emailing techdoer@gmail.com.

We also strive to be a community of doers, technology people who know how to get the right things done while helping others do the same in the process.  Here’s a little story about doers courtesy of Honda:

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