Monthly Archives: June 2008

As the World Turns

These are incredibly exciting times.  World economies are well into their massive transformation resulting from the rising demands of emerging countries.   The Techdoer Times is focused on providing you the insight and knowledge you need to successfully overcome the economic, organizational and engineering challenges of information technology.

Over the coming months we’ll continue to cover the role of high-performance computing on Wall Street.  New trends in outsourcing and consolidation are emerging, so stay tuned.

We’ll also continue to cover the challenges facing highly-productive teams.  Virtual Teams and teleworking are quickly becoming strategic necessities for technology firms looking to gain competitive advantage. Round-the-clock development, the world-wide talent pool, and cost advantages of outsourcing are all strategic levers that can empower any successful technology business.

We all know the invaluable role of knowledge and research in the face of rapidly changing industries, economies and organizations.  We thank our readers for their continued support and we look forward to serving you in the months ahead.

The Techdoer Times